Intefri | Cooling industrial
Specialists in industrial refrigeration applied to chemical industry, food and any process in which it is necessary cold at industrial level.
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Know our company

At INTEFRI we are specialists in industrial cooling applied to the chemical industry, food, and any process where cold at industrial level is necessary.

We apply the latest technologies in the field of storage of perishable products, with suitable temperatures either for cooling or freezing, as well as tunnels for rapid freezing.

Manufacture and installation of multipurpose plants with screw compressors or alternative, according to your needs. We are specialists in installations that use ammonia as refrigerant.



Our specialization and continuous research in the field, allows us to have facilities at the height of the European avant-garde.


Intefri relies on highly qualified engineers and technicians, such as welders and pipermen, who are part of our own staff and are specialized in industrial cold assembly.

24 h Assistance

Customers enjoy technical assistance 24 hours a day, an exclusive service for projects made by us. It complements the efficiency of our facilities.

Online management

Our facilities can be controlled and visualized from Android and Ios phones, aAllowing alarm control and compressor stop.






After Sales Service

Spare parts sale


  • At Intefri we offer our customers the best and most advanced control systems

  • All types of tunnel freezing spiral or continuous by the prestigious brand Frigoescandia

  • We have spare parts for compressors MYCOM, Bitzer y Copeland